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Brew & Serve

Know more about your 1664 Blanc, including how to best serve it: bring out its flavours and aromas.

How do you brew?

Discover our brewing secrets for 1664 Blanc's refreshing taste

1664 Blanc Beer tastes refreshing with mild sweetness, balancing spices, wheat notes and fruitiness from exotic fruits with a touch of lemon. Though it has a fruity character, it blends with a slight acidity, finishing in a mild bitter taste from the hops and added coriander.
A Blanc beer has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with a white foamy head. The hazy color with golden hues come from the Strisselspalt hops, France's best hops. Unique due to its full taste, yet light bitterness and therefore wisely chosen by French brewmasters 350 years ago.

1664 Blanc is even better served perfectly

knowing how to serve 1664 Blanc is part of the elegant art of enjoying it.

The first step? Inhale. Take in its smooth, clean aroma. Then, serve into a chilled tall glass. Angle the glass to 45°. Take your time. Fill it half way and straighten the glass. Then top it off. Around two fingers of foam is perfect
The more you know, the more you'll enjoy it. When you’re ready to slow down and share a 1664 Blanc with friends, the perfect serve comes in handy.