Taste The French Way of Life.

What makes it French?

The French way of life is dedicated to pleasure. To taking time for what matters. As is 1664 Blanc. Here's to the elegance of a life well-lived.



1664 Blanc

A premium wheat beer with a delicate taste of citrus fruits and coriander spice. 1664 Blanc beer has subtle aromas and a beautiful haziness. Brewed with a light French touch.

1664 Blanc Fruits Rouges

Wheat beer with a hint of red fruits. Original and very complex fruitiness characterized by subtle raspberry flavors and notes of exotic fruit and coriander for a very refreshing taste.

1664 Blanc Alcohol Free

The same refreshing citrus fruit and coriander-infused taste you expect and enjoy from a 1664 Blanc but without the alcohol. For those moments when 1664 Blanc and good friends is the perfect idea: 1664 Blanc Alcohol Free. You won't taste the difference.

Serving 1664 Blanc

Learn more about how 1664 Blanc is brewed and how to deliver the perfect serve every time.

Taste the French way of life

When in doubt, do it the way the French do.

The French always make time to share a moment with friends, no matter how busy they get. It's easy once you know how