Ingredients for good taste

Know more about your Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc taste, the ingredients and how best to serve 1664 beer: bring out the flavours, aromas and subtleties of each brew.

Brewed and served with a twist

Discover the refreshing taste of 1664 Blanc, served with playful elegance.

1664 Blanc tastes refreshing with mild sweetness, balancing spices, wheat notes and fruitiness from exotic fruits with a touch of lemon. Though it has a fruity character, it blends with a slight acidity, finishing in a mild bitter taste from the hops and added coriander.

The more you know about 1664 Blanc, the more you'll enjoy it. The first step? Inhale. Take in its smooth, clean aroma. Then, serve into a chilled tall glass. Angle the glass to 45°. Take your time. Fill it halfway and straighten the glass. Then top it off. Around two fingers of foam is perfect.