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Kronenbourg Brewery Origin


Kronenbourg lager beer was born in France in 1664. Humble beginnings? The first batch was brewed by Jerome Hatt in a single barrel. Having just earned his Master Brewer’s diploma, he set up his brasserie - his brewery - in the center of Strasbourg, a stone’s throw from the local cathedral.


Kronenbourg brewery was born in 1952

The only beer in the world named after a date, the Kronenbourg 1664 brewery originated in 1952. The creators' ambition? To brew the very best beer they could. They started by selecting the best beer ingredients – like the unique Strisselspalt hops. This Alsace beer is now France’s #1 Premium Lager beer and enjoyed in over 70 countries worldwide.



When the expert brewers tasked with developing 1664 Blanc were exploring, creating and tweaking their beer recipe, the ambition was to infuse it with some kind of twist. To make sure they created a French wheat beer that differed from any other out there. One worthy of the Kronenbourg brewery name.