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Beer for Brunch to remember

Brunch might be the most important meal of the week. Loosely scheduled time-wise, it allows you to unite good friends in a relaxed, warm setting. What’s not to love? 1664 Blanc, your French beer, incites you to add a few unexpected touches and upgrade your entire brunch.

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French celebration and tradition

Big celebrations can be joyous and heartwarming. Anticipation just adds to the excitement. But there are so many reasons to get together and celebrate smaller wins and milestones. Sharing those moments with friends makes day to day life that much sweeter.

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French Lunch Tradition

LET’S DO LUNCH You can’t generalize. But as a rule, the French tend to take lunch seriously. So seriously that even the name for breakfast, petit déjeuner, actually means “little lunch” in French (lunch is déjeuner). The first meal of the day is already an homage to the second.

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Paris picnic spots

You’re in Paris for the week. The sun is on full display, and you’ve got an afternoon or two to yourself with nothing to do except make like a Parisian. Here is your foolproof yet simple to do list, put together by City of Lights- dwellers.

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All in a day’s work (2)

The second and final installment of our conversation with 1664 Blanc co- creator Sylvie Lienhart. This time around we get into whether women are scarce in the world of new beer development, what she does when she goes hiking, and Sylvie’s preferred way to enjoy 1664 Blanc.

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All in a day’s work (1)

As one half of the two-person team responsible for creating 1664 Blanc, the French wheat beer, Sylvie Lienhart has stories to tell. In this double series, we talk to her about how she trained to do this job (she didn’t, per se) and her inspiration for this groundbreaking wheat beer.

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Two bartenders

An ongoing series in which we interview - yes, you guessed it – two French bartenders about their likes, loves and recommendations when it comes to 1664 Blanc. Think of it as an informal tour guide to the real Paris.

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French After Work

After a long week, meeting up with friends for a drink on a Friday makes it all worthwhile. If you are hosting, take inspiration from the French tradition of l’apéro, short for apéritifs.

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